When it was celebrated

The event took place on Wednesday October 17, 2007 from 4:30pm to 6:00 pm. The event was open to any graduate student in the college of Engineering. People registered on site at the beginning of the event. 6 graduates participate in this edition.

Rules applied

The rules applied to this tournament were the standard 301 points game. such as:

  • Players start the game with 301 points. The points scored for each round (three darts) are deducted from the score of the player.
  • The first player to reach exactly zero wins.
  • If a player goes below zero, the round ends immediately and the score is returned to what it was at the beginning of that round. e.g. : if a player has 5 to go out and the first dart is a 2, the second is a 10, the player is bust and the score is returned to 5.
  • So, on the last turn it is not necessary to throw three darts - a player can win with the first or second dart of the turn.

Paolo Escorza won the tournament after he won over all other graduate students

The prize for the champion of the 3rd GEB Dart Tournament was two (2) dinner tickets from Chartwells donated by the Graduate School of Engineering.

Salih Saran V.P. of Social Affairs give the new champion the tickets during the following weeks coffee break.


Our V.P. of Social Affairs Salih Saran defending the 'honor' of the GEB Board and proving his skills.

Some of the participants of the event recharging with coffee and cookies for such a tiring event.

Florent Boico, ex-president of the GEB, throwing the darts with the style that is characteristic of him GO FLORENT !!

Salih Giving this years price to Paolo, winner of the 3rd GEB Dart Tournament.