About the Elections:
  • Rules governing the elections
  • Forms (check the right side for the forms you may need)
  • Candidate list and information
  • Dates and times of the events

If you have any questions you can always contact the GEB Board Members for information.

About the Election Committee:

The Election Committee have multiple duties such as:

  • Organize the elections and the electoral process.
  • Create, approve and/or modify the rules for the elections.
  • Receive and approve (or reject with cause) any nominations.
  • Resolve any conflict regarding the nomination and/or the election process.
  • Answer any question about the election process and procedures.
  • Maintain communication with the graduate engineering community by keeping them informed about the elections.
  • Create the ballots and method for the elections.
  • Run the elections, tally the results and inform all interested parties of the results of the elections.


Election Committee (will be determined prior to start of election process):
  • Chairman:
  • Member:
  • Member:
Elections schedule:

As decided by the Election Committee, the schedule will be as follows: (dates are all tbd)

  • Beginning of Nomination period
  • End of the nominations period
  • Publication of the official list of candidates.
  • Official Results.
  • Change of Board

Forms and Documents

Rules of the elections


Nominees forms

Varun J. Devur

Mansoureh N.Rad

Rahul K. Menta

Mehmet A. Sen

Nazli Caner

Barak Jalalzadeh Fard